Deepanshu Agarwal

Hi All,

I am Deepanshu Agarwal, a Software Testing professional. I started my professional journey back in Jan’2010 and was soon introduced to the world of ‘Software Testing’. Soon after, the terminology changed to ‘Quality Assurance’ keeping in mind Customer satisfaction & need of maintaining the overall quality.

Mobiles, as we all know have become an integral part of our lifestyle. They are making us ‘Smart’, another way to put it as ‘Smartphones’. With ever-growing market & technology advancements mobiles have & are seeing an unprecedented growth, changing the way we communicate & use technology. “App” is The Buzzword today, and will remain for some time now…

Device fragmentation, Multi-player domain, different Operating systems, over 400 Network providers, Emulators vs. Real devices, everything about Mobile App testing seems to be a bit complicated. Users now-a-days search for a Mobile App first and website later. The ease of App usage & 24-7 availability is the new trend in business advancement. This poses a great challenge for organizations, businesses, Mobile App developers and QA alike. There is an immediate need for Mobile App Testing professionals who are technical as well as good at common sense (the most important trait for a tester).

I started this blog with the aim of learning ‘Mobile App Testing’. I believe when you write what you have learned, it is more impactful. Additionally there is not much available on Internet, may be only in people’s head. This is my try to share everything I learn & on the way I hope people can join me in this network and share & learn. 

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Mob: +91-70222 89389


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